Biggest Win on Slots

Isn’t it overwhelming for anyone to become wealthy instantly? Happiness could not be measured if an ordinary person becomes millionaire in a matter of time. If someone had only 50 dollars on his pocket and decided to put it inside the magic box, with a couple or three spin and then ABRACADABRA, the 50 dollars became 100,000 dollars or even one million dollars. What a fortune? What a very overwhelming experience. With just a matter minutes, your life has changed!

One of the most sensationalized winning stories is about A.D. Real name was intentionally hidden for the protection of the person himself. The amazing $5.2 Million! Jackpot prize was won by AD. But he is not the first one who won such huge amount of money. This is actually the second time that this big jackpot prize has been given by one of the most awarded and also the pioneer in online casino group industry, The “Casino Rewards”. It was October 2011, The “Casino Rewards’’ 11th year anniversary and as the very first online casino in the history of gaming, they gave out multi-million progressive jackpot rewards for the second time. The Mega Moolah reels aligned the lucky winning combination for AD who was just a beginner. 3.8 Million Euros was awarded to him that day.

AD flew to ARIA, an abundant restaurant in Sydney, Australia, it was the winner’s one of the most unforgettable travel as he was entertained fully there together with his companion that happens to be his partner in life. The restaurant is very famous for its overlooking scenery of the iconic Opera House and harbor Bridge. The winner was handed his payout cheque amounting to an incredible €3,841,871.46 after a photo conferences event held in the ever beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens.

Charity is one of the winner’s plans after receiving the jackpot prize, this is according to him and helping his girlfriend including her relatives are his priorities. Second is travelling, going around places would also be part of his itineraries as AD really loves to see places around the world. With the money on his hand, he decided to continue working and never stop earning as per his video interview. Though he would hire some people to work for him, he would still pursue what he is into in the moment. Basically, these are the things that he would prefer to spend his money with because according to him, he is not actually in a hurry to slip his money to his pocket that easily.

But before AD’s overwhelming story, there was KE; it was 2008 when the first lucky hitter of the progressive jackpot winning combination had been known. KE just played around first without even seriousness on putting a stake. But that playing around changed his life forever because he was able to acquire the winning combination and have his astounding $5.5 million. And he won this jackpot on the very same online progressive slot, Mega Moolah.

Here are some excerpts from the winners’ video interview during the acceptance of the jackpot prize in the awarding ceremony. It is obvious that the winner is not ready for the speech as he is giggling not knowing what to say and can’t even stand straight. He is so tensed to face all the presenters and authorities that hail the awarding ceremony. But the happiness on his face is also cannot be kept.

According to the winner, the experience is not actually long time ago and will be a beautiful memory that he would cherish forever. Of course he could not believe it at first. While the wheel is spinning, his thoughts were not actually on winning the jackpot. When he played Mega Moolah, the jackpot screen opened as he recall and there were few segments that it could stopped. But the outcome really was exceptional. After hitting the winning jackpot combination, he was frozen and waited for awhile as he cannot believed it is happening but in a few minutes, he was awaken from himself and knew that his life would probably change from then on.

The two winners, AD and KE are both lucky to have free spins for an hour because this was the reason why they became overnight millionaires. They have acquired this free spins with the promotional CD that they have received from Casino Rewards with rules and instructions how to use this free spins. What is also available on the internet is the free sign up for those new players with the amazing freebies and a lot of bonuses such as €/$1,500 free at Golden Tiger Casino; £/€/$1,250 free at Casino Action and €/$500 free at Casino Classic.

Those who would want to play at this casino can sign up for free registration. It is just easy to do the registration at casino rewards. Then anyone who registered can proceed playing Mega Moolah or any of the other 420+ online slots, blackjack, video poker and roulette games using the casino bonus cash even without going out to go to a brick walled casino because anyone can play now online in their own homes.

Another big win stories are as follows;

One of the luckiest players to be considered is Elmer Sherwin. He is a 92 year old twin of fortune because he has won the biggest ever jackpot on slot progressive written in history not only once but twice. What he played is called Megabucks Progressive Slot; it was so famous to all the players because of its amazing jackpot prize that reach almost 30M dollars mark. Megabucks have been launch on 1989 and since then, jackpot is only won a couple of dozen times. Imagine how lucky Sherwin is for hitting the jackpot combination two times. Sherwin is the first winner of megabucks during its introductory stage on 1989 with 5M dollars and won this same jackpot game again on 2005 with 21M dollars. FYI, the probability of hitting this jackpot is one is to fifty million. So again, luck has become the favorite shadow of Sherwin for that matter. Players had also seen how the life of Sherwin had change because of this and that fact made this game very popular and considered this game the most interested, the most played and most participated game in the casino. This is also the basis why the players do not believe that winning the jackpot cannot be repeated on the same slot machine or it would take some time to hit the winning combination again after it has given the jackpot prize previously.

Peter, known only as a Norwegian player is also considered to be one of the luckiest persons on earth for being the sole biggest winner of online progressive jackpot at Betsson Casino on the Arabian Nights slot machine. Funny at first because the winner has no idea how much he has won until one of the technical staff told him that he actually won 38 million Norwegian Crowns equivalent to €11.7 million. He was shocked and do not know what to think because of so much excitement. After his mind is back to himself, he started to realize how he had hit the winning combination awarding him 38 million on his local currency. He then began to plan what he would do to the prize which could probably change his life forever. With this story, it is again LUCK that brought Peter his fortune and it is now up to him how he would turn back that luck to others by spending wisely the big money he earned by just entertaining himself.

Another proof stating that a progressive jackpot is a randomly generated machine is Jo Ann Argyris. She has always been a visitor of casinos located nearby her residence in Boulder City, NV. She is a 58-year-old who is fascinated on playing slot games for the past 8 years. She is a self-employed single mother of two and grandmother of three when she luckily hit the winning jackpot combination at the Millioniser Hyperlink penny slot game that is operated by Sunset Station Casino in Henderson. She then became an instant millionaire and started to settle all her debts including her mortgage which is her main objective. She used some of her money to renovate and beautify her house after she had treated her family with Mexican Riviera cruise. Her luck never stops there because at the same year, she won again and regains her millions by winning again another $1 million jackpot at the Railroad Pass Casino with the very same slot game.

The winner cannot resist tears on her eyes when her daughter told her she had won again the second time around. Jo Ann thought it was so impossible to happen because she had just won 10 months ago. She knew that she will win again but not that fast. She even needed to see for herself what is the outcome on the wheel and it’s only then that she believes that she actually won again.

The planning then comes, how to spend the money and what to be spent for? The finally she decided to use the money on her children’s loans specifically their cars instead of her own car. She gave some to her sister and keeps some for her grandchildren’s future. She also planned to treat her mother again for a Mediterranean cruise in Italy to visit some of their friends there and stay for a few days on Rome.

With so much luck and wisdom on the game, these happenings could also be the luck of anyone there who plays slot machine games. Never stop believing and never stop trying. Until success reaches you as an enthusiast player, there is still hope even in playing just for fun.

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