Is online casino legal in Malaysia?


Online casinos have been around for more than twenty years now. It has significantly improved over the last few years and is ever-growing around the world. If you’re from Malaysia and want to get into the online gambling scene, you’ll be glad to know that there are several trusted online casino Malaysia websites available in the country.

Hence, for the most part, you can gamble online in Malaysia without any worries. However, if you wish to dive into the Malaysian online gambling scene deeper, you can read on. 

For answering your question –

Is online casino in Malaysia legal?

Considering the laws, online gambling or casinos are technically illegal in Malaysia. That’s because of the existence of gambling prohibition laws that were established in the country even before the introduction of online casinos. These include the most prominent the Betting Act 1953, Sharia Law and Common Gaming Houses Act 1953.

The Malaysian civil contract law also declares that all agreements in wagering or gambling are void and null. This means if a person loses a bet to another, the loser could refuse to pay the money. And the winner cannot have any legal recourse to support his claim.

As per the country’s laws, the Malaysian government has the complete authority to ban all kinds of online and on-land casinos within the country. 


What about the foreign online casinos that offer their services in Malaysia?

Malaysian gambling laws do not apply to foreign online casinos. Hence, there are many trusted online casino Malaysia websites that you can find in the country today. No Malaysian laws can restrict the participation of Malaysian citizens in online gambling. Consequently, several online casino platforms welcome Malaysian casino players who are aged 18 and above.

So, it ultimately depends on you to decide if gambling online is something you’d want to take part in. Today, most Malaysians are actively gambling on online casinos. The large availability of trusted online casino websites in Malaysia makes it possible for gambling enthusiasts to find all kinds of online gambling activities. That includes online poker, sports betting, slots, and many more.

Besides, the online casino websites that you find in Malaysia also offer some fantastic features. Making deposits, placing bets, and getting payments are convenient and easy on all trusted online casino Malaysia websites. Hence, more and more Malaysian citizens are turning to online casinos instead of their on-land counterparts.

Malaysia Online Casino Payment Method

As said before, almost all online casinos available in Malaysia focus on offering a user-friendly website. Likewise, online gambling payment methods are also very simple in Malaysia.

In fact, Malaysia has several banking options. Hence, you can easily find all sorts of money transaction facilities available in the country. Most of the payment methods offered by online casinos include debit/ credit card payments, MasterCard, PayPal, Paysafe, and other local transaction methods. And the good news it – all these common transaction methods are readily available in Malaysia.

So, if you’ve been skeptical about gambling online in Malaysia, we hope this write-up has cleared all your doubts. No matter whichever gambling activity you participate in, just make sure you pick an online casino website that holds an authentic license. 

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