What is a Slot Machine?

Slot machines are casino gambling machines that contain staggers around thrice plus that turns like a rolling drums every time a player push the spin button. This machine that are used for slots gaming can also be called “one arm bandit” for the reason that they were in the beginning administered by an arm positioned one sided along the machine’s body that looks like one hand in replacement for a pushed circle placed in frontage board, for the reason that its capability in leaving all players bankruptcy which is also known as a bandit’s capability. Despite being classic, a lot of slot machine nowadays uses this arm like aside from the button to be pushed. Slot machine for American English, unofficially fruit machine for British English, the slots for Canadian English, poker machine or “pokies” as slang for Australian English and New Zealand English or simply slot for American English. Those are the different terms used for this casino game.

There is a gadget included as part of a slot machine which corroborates and checks all every coins and tickets that needs to be put inside to start the game. When the machines stop, it pays off depending on the output picture arrangements that can be seen displayed on the monitor screen. Contemporary mainframe machinery should have consequences in many deviations in this game’s perception. The greatest and the well famous betting styles on every casino is considered to be the slot machines. It also comprises more or less a percentage of seventy on all standard casino in the United States revenues.


Charles Fey, who was born and bred in the United States in California, was the inventor of the very first slot machine who formulated a much straightforward automatic mechanism. Most of the gaming enthusiasts stress that the machine was invented in 1887 by Fey, on the other hand, a lot of people thought of him envisioning slot machines during the latter part of 18th century. Because of the enormous number of apparent triumphs on playing the pioneer game which is gained from the game called poker. This was established virtually unworkable in coming out for a reason to create machines competent of paying out automatically to each and every potential arrangement on the slot reel that would require a prize. The inventor developed machines that contains first, second and third reel to be spinned that have 5 different figures. They are the horseshoe symbols, diamond figures, spade shapes, heart lines, and last but not the least, a Bell called Liberty, that happens to become the basis of the name of the machine. This is done through 10 card symbols replaced by 5 different figures by involving a 3 reel spins in replacement to the 5 drum sets, its probability of winning would be lessened drastically due to the complexity of the combinations, permitting the inventor in devising effectively a process of paying out automatically. If the combination acquired 3 bell figures in a single line would have to be the highest paid reward, 10 nicks by that time is already a fortune. The invention “Liberty Bell” is very successful and generated a blossoming an industry of motorized betting mechanism. Although its utilization of this betting mechanisms were unluckily unauthorized on the jurisdiction where he stayed for quite some time, the inventor cannot retain in keeping upstill the stipulation of playing slot machine everywhere. Now the famous bell machine called Liberty hits the tagged as the most popular during that time that is why a lot of producers or mechanical and automatic machineries made another device exactly the same as this. At this point of time, there is another “bell” like machines known as “Operator Bell” was produced by manufacturer Herbert Mills from Chicago in 1907. By 1908, many of the bells machineries are operated, used and scattered almost all around places and mostly on convenience stores, cigarette stalls, ordinary saloon, sports houses, even in hair shops and many others.

Trivia: Supreme pioneer slot machine called “Liberty Bell “exists until at this moment and can be viewed the moment in Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant which is located in Reno, Nevada, USA.

In 1891, a gambling machine that happens to be the predecessor to the contemporary current slot machine was developed by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York, U.S. This gambling mechanism includes 5 drum-like images containing all the figures and symbols of the cards; this is because the new game basically came from the game poker. These poker-game based machines provide evidenced tremendously well-liked and quickly scattered on a lot of gambling and entertainment establishments on the country. Gamblers will just put in nickels on the machine’s slit for the player to move the machine’s arm that will make the drum-like images move roundly including the images from the card that the drums are holding. This is the best time that the one pulls the lever is wishing for a good combination, the same as the winning cards in a poker game. Unswerving machinery for paying out would always be negative, therefore a couple of the same cards could make a bettor be rewarded of a payless drinks for instance; while poker hand with a higher hand than a pair is equivalent to a much bigger reward such as a pack of cigarettes or a pitcher of liquor pay out, the prizes are absolutely be depended to whatever is proposed or advertized by the particular business enterprise where the game can be played. Making their chances of winning more probable, the operator of the game on that business enterprise is taking out away couple of cards to be able to lessen the players’ chances of having a hand called “flush royale”. This decreases 50% probability of having that kind of hand. The two cards that were taken away are spade 10 and heart jack usually. Aside from that, the game operator can rearranged these drum-like images to further decrease a player’s probability of winning.

Trade stimulator and the likes are those early machines that provide payout with the variety of fruit flavored chewing gums same as the images on flavors as the signs shown on the drum-like reel. Ever famous images such as cherries and melons are derived commencing these machines. Whereas, images like bars which is now very common in many machineries for slots were actually obtained given by a certain manufacturer of a gum made of fruit. These images are actually come from Bell-Fruit Gum Company’s old logos. This is due to the fact that those techniques are used in avoiding rules and regulations that are adjacent to the gambling authorities in a lot of jurisdiction. That is why a lot of business establishments particularly machine that retail automatically were on the blacklisted category by the lawsuits of the state.

Money Honey, the very first fully electromechanical slot machine was developed in 1963 by Bally. Even though previous slots gaming machineries like one of the machine that has created by Bally which is called “High Hand draw poker” machines have demonstrated the fundamentals structure electromechanically during the 1940’s. An Electro-mechanical style during 1960’s permitted the first fully electromechanical slot machine which is called Money Honey on being the pioneer on it line of industry that involves unending journeyer who is paying out automatically equipped five hundred valued coins, with no support from any assistant. The attractiveness that possessed by the electro-mechanical slot machine called Money Honey made automatic gaming the leader outstanding of its kind predominantly making the one armed bandits soon became common and not so wanted.

It was in 1976 when the first real virtual slot gaming machines were expanded and operated through several individuals who also happen to be slot machines enthusiasts in Canada with full administration of Fortune Coin Co., Las Vegas, NV. It is made through the customized nineteen inches colored screen monitor designed purposely to capture images, with a special feature that corresponds to every tasks of every parts of the machines. This kind of video slot machine model is actually accumulated tremendously with the appropriate dimensions and very sufficient specifications for its readiness on the gambling world. Original manufactured components put on test and trialed in Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada for review and analysis. This is done to avoid manufacturing of biased and unfair machines for the players’ sake and advantage. Therefore, subsequently machines minor updates and alterations, this was confirmed the approval of the Nevada State Gaming Commission that automatically garnered a tremendous popularity among almost all of the states and in every brick-walled casinos, making IGT (International Gaming Technology obtained Fortune Coin Company during the late 70’s together with all the virtual machines that are used for slot gaming.

Primary video slot machines that proposed exciting bonus spin called the “second screen” is actually Reel ‘Em In produced and developed during the year 96’s through WMS Industries Incorporated. These kind of slot machines also existed on some parts of the Australian jurisdiction starring the “Three Bags Full” during the year of 94. In providing variety of gaming device, images and pictures on the reels are changing to bust or multiply winnings that could be acquired by any hopeful players.


Man is playing and having fun on slots.A different way to play slot machines depends on the machine itself. Anyone who plays this game procures the freedom in playing through a coin that has been inserted to the machine’s slit designed only for a coin insertion. In more modern technologies, tickets can also be used to operate a slot machines, this ticket should contain barcodes that will support the machine to distinguish the amount that is designed for that particular paper tickets. Inserting this paper barcode through the slit designed for the insertion can activate these modern slot machineries. Some slot machines are still even nowadays are operated via pulling a lever arm on the side or by pushing a spin button for the reels to spin. More modernized slot machines use a high tech touch screen to activate the games. Slot machine games could or couldn’t engross players’ capabilities or knowledge, but it could create the illusion of involving these talents no matter what the reason is, because the truth is; the game is truly the essence of probability and luck.

Winning a prize amount from the slot machines is the objective of the game which typically concerns images that are arranged according to the machines’ pay line, both with manual spinning of the reel by pulling the lever or by pushing the button to acquire one or more combinations for the win, or through a high tech automatic spinning virtually by using a video-activated reel that is presented on the monitor displays. These images shown would be practically brilliantly colored and so easy to recognize, like fruit pictures, showing colorful numbers or an alphabet characters together with ordinary bell shape figures, diamond like images or even a simple heart shape. Modernized gaming of slots through monitor videos is now using animations and popular characters on cartoons show to develop a more creative and colorful form of entertainment. Of course, pictures and videos of famous celebrities are also being used nowadays depending on the subject matter that the machine projects which happened to be described as below.

Posted on the face of the machine are the winning combinations of symbols. As the gaming involves mostly a lot of series concerning these winning combinations often, this sometimes exists in a separate monitor display that can be accessed through pushing an icon connected to the chief monitor touch screen. Whenever any player acquires a matched combination as per shown on the pay table of the slot machine, it is automatic that the machine would pay out the player with either a certain amount or any variety of value, like additional spin for free or any stuff relevant to the game.

Poker Based Slot Machine Games

A lot of dissimilar types categorically are visible on the gambling slots machineries world almost all over the places especially on the city which is known to be the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas and similar casinos that are modeled copying gambling business establishments on this place in Nevada, without exempting these old fashioned casinos administered by the natives of the US. Many from the greatest well-known would be machineries for poker games on videos in from where the one who plays the game wishes to acquire a group of images that corresponds with the images of the cards that actually wins the game. Playing more than one hand actually depends on the software connected to the machines that are available for play.

Multi-Denomination Slot Machines

1990’s when a single-line machine has been over countered by machine that involves more than one winning line. The machines that possess multi pay line also evolved predominantly, which means; noticeable images which did not match with each other horizontally could also be proclaimed a winning combination. Mechanical machineries for slots game usually consider winning combinations by 3’s up to by 5’s lines, while virtual slot games for videos consider from nine up to the maximum not the same pay lines of one hundred. The majority of the slot gaming machineries on videos are featuring images and pictures of famous celebrities from television to the big screen, songs connected to them are also featured sometimes on this video slot machines in accordance with its theme. Majority of the casinos with slot machines are accepting valuable cash or credit to activate the machine and start the gaming session. And of course to whatever game it would be, the more money stakes on the pot, the more money can the player acquire.

During a couple or more previous year, introduction of a newly evolve non-single denomination machine has been known to public. Slot machineries that actually accept not single but multi denomination options of stakes. Meaning, through this kind of machine, anyone who plays this game can actually select and decide how much bet is to be put on the game, this can be done by setting up the desired bet per spin on the lower part of the monitor screen. These kinds of machines have the power to know the amount wagered by the players and have an automatic computation whether the denomination is different from the previous set of game or even on the previous spin. Players would not need to worry on own uncontrollable addiction to the game if the denomination is already set, because by that, the amount of bet can already be controlled.

Tokenized Slot Machines

In recent times, many of the casinos selected to obtain benefit from the slot machine evolution universally called tokenized slot machines. This is in fact a machine where in a player would need to buy a token on the designated token booth to acquire a certain credit which is needed to activate the machine. There are many machines that require 2 credits per set of game or a single credit per spin depending on the requirements of the slot tokenized slot machines. Tokenized slot machines are actually designed to accept different delimitations as per the credits bought through a token. This would also drastically diminish operator’s tasks particularly on auditing the machines payout percentage or profits share for each of the machines that hold this token based bets. There is also a special feature that counts whatever credits have the player used or gained upon winning, so that every time a player would need to withdraw from the game, it is very easy to calculate what should be the left amount to the credits. This is also advantageous for the players as they would not be needing to change their bills to coins just to play this game. But Bear in mind that withdrawal of amount from the credit is only applicable for winnings, as the total credit bought through the token must be all used for playing or else, it would only be put to waste because it cannot be withdrawn.

As the years are going steadfast, the innovations in the technology are also developing rapidly so as the casino industry and it’s common like business. Slot machines moreover are just the same, innovations and new technology for this matter are high speed enhancing. Newer and newer versions would come out. It would not be a mere surprised if it comes the time that individuals can play slot machines on mobile phones and the like.

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