Straight Slots

One favorite and considered to be the famous category of a slot is a straight slot. It is a kind of slot that indicates the type of jackpot to be won by any player. Also known as a flat rate slot meaning, a fixed amount of jackpot is definitely defined, constant and in regular schedule basis. Unlike progressive slot, straight slot has a jackpot that is not essentially moving.

Players can determine the jackpot amount on a straight slot game through a fixed payout schedule that is usually displayed on the monitor of the machine. Therefore, it is known to be easy to establish if any player has won if they manage to acquire a line up for a certain images on any activated pay line. A straight slot covers a different type of slot games such as single line, slot bonus, multi-line and feature slots.

Given that those slot games are the same in concept, never evade the idea that these games also have differences and have their own discrepancies. It is so important for the players to read and analyze these differences especially on the discrepancy on the rules and regulations on playing slot machines. These are actually necessity for the players to bear in mind before engaging to the game with real money at stake.

Single Line Slot Machine

From the name itself, single line slot machine is a type of slot machine that covers a single line objective to win a jackpot prize. It composed of one single pay line with three or five reels. As mentioned in the article “History of Slots”, this kind of slot machine is actually based on the original slot machine that was originated 100 years past and created by its inventor Charles Fey.

The original design though were preserved until this very moment, modern slot machines still original when it comes to themes and not to mention the overwhelming jackpot prizes that could actually change one player’s life. Single line slots games offers both the constant jackpot prize which is not changing and the increasing jackpot prize depending on the lifespan of each set of game.

In other words, single line slot can be both categorized as straight slot or progressive slot games. This can be identified in accordance with the jackpot prize it offers. Single line slot’s objective is to come up with a combination of similar objects in a straight line after spinning the wheel, whether horizontal or vertical or slanting. The importance is that three or five the same objects are lined up straight. After acquiring this objective, players should win a predetermined jackpot prize which is already announced on the machine even before the player started the game. This kind of game is accepted to be one of the most popular among the slot games because of its easiness to play. The rules are just simple and very much understandable. And aside from the easy to follow rules, this kind of game also offers huge amount of jackpot prize even the bet is not so high. Even a kid can play this kind of slot game, just place a stake, spin the reel and wait, it is so easy to know if someone wins, just a straight line of similar objects and then boooom, that’s it.

Bonus Slot Game

One of the most favorite parts of playing slot games is achieving a goal that would probably give a player a bonus slot game. One proof for being an innovative and creative playing is adding this segment to any slot games. This dimension gives a player a chance to add a little time to lengthen the play as one sample of bonus slot game. After the creation of single line slot machine, bonus slot game has not been adopted very soon, it took quite some time before bonus slot game has became part of any slot machines gaming. Bonus slots games gives another round of play to any player who can come up with a particular symbol or a combination of different symbols on the reels. Whenever players acquired this bonus slot game, another window on the screen pop out and take the player to a new dimension of the game that can probably increase the player’s chance of winning or give a player an instant prize.

It could also sometimes involve an exceedingly interpersonal gaming which actually depends on what kind of software is provided on the machine. One of the most used and practiced reward in a bonus round is the prize multiplier, meaning the player’s prize could be multiplied by the number acquired in a bonus round. For a simple player, acquiring a bonus round is already a win. And after playing this bonus slot, the original slot machine window will be back for the player to continue playing. Bonus slot can be both present to a straight slot games or even in a progressive slot games as the payout percentage or the advertized jackpot prize has nothing to do with the bonus slot rounds.

Multi Line Slot Machine

Multi line slot machines as per the name itself is reciprocated from single line slot, following the success of single line slot games, multi line slot is an option from which a player can probably win a prize in more than one way. This game is actually composed of more than three reels and a lot of pay lines. Though very difficult to locate an online that has multi line slot which consist of 40 pay lines, it is these games also usually have more than three reels and it is not unusual to find slot games on the internet today with more than forty pay lines. It is secure and sound to proclaim that there are a lot of multi line slot machines that consist of five reels and still amazing 20 pay lines. The essential goal of a player playing a multi line slot is to acquire specific symbols arranged accordingly to line up a winning combination in one or more pay lines depending on what is activated during the betting portion.

The jackpot prize amount would depend according to what combination lined up is acquired. This game is actually the favorites of those who play online because of the chances of winning huge amounts of prize in just a single spin. Of course, the stakes are even bigger than playing a single line slot game. A lot of well-known multi line slot machines include feature slots and bonus slots as part of the gaming experience of the player. Its jackpot can be classified as either straight slot game or progressive slot game depending in accordance to the jackpot prize. If the jackpot prize is fixed, it is classified as straight slot but if the jackpot prize is growing, it is of course classified as progressive slot.

Feature slots

Feature means attribute, aspect, element, highlights or quality. From the definition itself of the word feature, this kind of slot game adds more ingredients on just simply acquiring for the winning combination which is the main objective of playing slot machines. Feature slots are those additional portions on the slot games which sometimes increase the players’ chances of winning the jackpot prize. Many added features on slot gaming can be helpful with the players’ probability of hitting the jackpot. Some features are bold and enticing while some are just an added effort for the player to strive harder due to its difficulty to achieve.
Most of the well known additional features that the players want to acquire are as follows;

  • Wild icons – a particular symbol on the reel which actually can replaced when necessary any other symbols to acquire a winning combination.
  • Scatters – a symbol on the reel that generates the bonus round and raises the prize amount to be won by the players.
  • Multipliers – a symbol on the reel that multiply the prize to be won by the player, sometimes 2x up to 10x or more to some machines.
  • Free spins – a symbol on the reel that gives extra spin for the players; could be one spin up to 10 extra spins depending on the machine.

These added features are mostly seen on multi slot machines but even though it is so, there are also single line machine that has an added features that offers a lot of opportunities for the player to try as well. These features are so important for the players to understand and familiarize to be able to know what to wish for in a winning combination. Playing slot machine games is no longer just achieving a simple goal. Its added features made the players more interested in playing slot machines because of its advantages and benefits.

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